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Australia Online Vocal Student Taking Holiday to Join Singing Lessons at HK 澳洲線上聲樂學生假期出遊香港面對面參加歌唱課程

Student has started to follow singing in my online lesson for more than 3 years and she has got close to 10 awards and and more than 20 songs on youtube channels, most of them are Champion. She had a 2 weeks holiday all the way from Australia to Hong kong for classroom training as Steve's lessons are flexible to switch anytime from classroom lesson to online lessons at anytime. Kaitlyn enjoyed the face to fact classroom lessons very much at Hong Kong Wanchai School. Parents are also so much happy to bring her daughter to meet Principal Steve after 3 years of online lessons. Bless Student Kaitlyn all success to her coming singing contest this Sunday and all other contests in the future.

學生Kaitlyn開始在我的網課上學唱歌已經三年多了,她已經獲得了近10個獎項以及 YouTube 頻道上的 20 多首歌曲,其中大部分是冠軍。她從澳洲一路到香港進行為期兩週的假期課堂培訓,因為Steve的課程很靈活,可以隨時從課堂課程切換到線上課程。 Kaitlyn 非常喜歡香港灣仔學校的面對面課堂教學。家長們也很高興能帶著女兒在上了三年的線上課程後見到Steve校長。祝福Kaitlyn同學在本週日即將到來的歌唱比賽以及未來的所有其他比賽中取得圓滿成功。


W: +85296048548

V: singandyoumusic

微信公眾號: 音樂實踐家

Parent's Testimonial:Kaitlyn from Australia家長心聲:澳洲的Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn's mom are really pleased with and grateful for Principal Steve's vocal coaching over the years. Kaitlyn is beyond excited to receive a huge 'Yes' from Take The Mic, Australia, to perform a leading role in the famous 1980s musical, Xanado Jr. The musical will take place in Australia and we look forward to Kaitlyn's breath-taking performance! Let us congratulate and support Kaitlyn with the greatest internet hug ever! We love you!

If you come across a singing-related audition like this, don't hesitate to contact Principal Steve for a Trial class to polish your singing enhance the chance of getting the part! We welcome all talented and passionate singers with wide open arms and a warm smile! We base in Hong Kong, but we provide online classes worldwide, and Kaitlyn is one of our online students!


Kaitlyn和Kaitlyn的媽媽對Steve校長多年來的聲樂指導感到非常滿意和感激。 Kaitlyn 非常高興收到來自澳洲 Take The Mic 的取錄,在 1980 年代著名的音樂劇 Xanado Jr 中擔任主角。該音樂劇將在澳洲上演,我們期待 Kaitlyn 令人嘆為觀止的表演!讓我們用有史以來最大的互聯網擁抱來祝賀和支持Kaitlyn!我們愛你!

如果您遇到這樣的與歌唱相關的試鏡,不要猶豫,立即聯繫 Steve 校長參加試課,以提高您的歌唱水平,從而提高獲得角色的機會!我們歡迎所有才華橫溢、充滿激情的歌手!我們的總部設在香港,但我們在全球範圍內提供在線課程,Kaitlyn 是我們的在線學生之一!


Kaitlyn和Kaitlyn的妈妈对Steve校长多年来的声乐指导感到非常满意和感激。 Kaitlyn 非常高兴收到来自澳洲 Take The Mic 的取录,在 1980 年代着名的音乐剧 Xanado Jr 中担任主角。该音乐剧将在澳洲上演,我们期待 Kaitlyn 令人叹为观止的表演!让我们用有史以来最大的互联网拥抱来祝贺和支持Kaitlyn!我们爱你!

如果您遇到这样的与歌唱相关的试镜,不要犹豫,立即联系 Steve 校长参加试课,以提高您的歌唱水平,从而提高获得角色的机会!我们欢迎所有才华横溢、充满激情的歌手!我们的总部设在香港,但我们在全球范围内提供在线课程,Kaitlyn 是我们的在线学生之一!

Parent Testimonials 家長心聲:

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