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Backing Track #1

Backing Track #1

背景音軌 #1

What is backing track?

Backing tracks are audio recordings or computer generated music files that bands/singers play/sing along to. They may also be known as playbacks, jam tracks, instrumental practice or rehearsal tracks.

Performers may often use backing tracks to add extra vocals or instrumentation to enhance their sound during a live performance. For example a vocalist may use a backing track in their performance to provide extra backing vocals that they couldn’t produce by themselves, or a band may use a backing track to replicate a more difficult or complex instrumentation that couldn’t be done in a live performance.

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表演者可能會經常使用背景音軌來添加額外的人聲或樂器以在現場表演期間增強他們的聲音。 例如,歌手可以在其演奏中使用背景音軌來提供他們自己無法產生的額外支持人聲,或者樂隊可以使用背景音軌來複製更難完成以及無法在現場做到的更難和複雜的音。

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