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飆高音練習 Singing Exercises: Belting

1. 將一隻手指放在面前,然後向着手指唱。

2. 幻想把頭頂打開,然後用氣唱。

3. 打開口,上下唇保持約3-4隻手指距離,舌頭保持放平,喉嚨保持一種像輕鬆地笑的打開感覺。

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Belting involves putting the sound forward in your mouth. The correct belt sound comes from the mask area of your face. To practice belting, try the following exercises:

1. Place a finger in front of you and and sing toward it from your mask.

2. Imagine opening the top of your head (a metaphor only, of course!) and then sing.

3. Open up your mouth (we are talking 3-4 fingers' distance between your top and bottom teeth!) but keep your tongue close to the back of your bottom teeth. Keeper an inner happy smile in your throat.

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