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Belting - Essential Singing Techniques That Will Enhance Your Sound聲帶訓練 - 可以增強聲音的基本唱歌技術

Belting - Essential Singing Techniques That Will Enhance Your Sound

聲帶訓練 - 可以增強聲音的基本唱歌技術

One of the most common vocal techniques in musical theatre and pop music is belting. Other styles that include belting are gospel, R&B, and modern country music.

The best way to describe belting is that a singer is taking the chest voice (where you speak) into a higher register than usual, creating an exciting and very powerful sound!

Without the guidance of a voice teacher however, many beginning belters can end up hurting themselves when they strain to make the desired sound. Think of belting as a “controlled yell” or an “extended, belly laugh.”




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