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唱歌對身體的好處 physical benefits of singing

  • 唱歌可加強你的免疫力:根據法蘭克福大學的研究發現,歌唱可以提升免疫力。這項研究方法為在一個多小時的排練前後,抽取合唱團成員的血液作測試,研究人員 發現到,在大多數情況下,免疫系統中作為抗體的蛋白質數量在排練後立即顯著上升。這情況在合唱團成員只聽音樂時沒有發生。

  • 唱歌是一種運動:對於老人、殘疾人士和傷者而言,歌唱可以是一種很好的運動。即使你很健康,唱歌亦可加強你的肺部功能,因為你使用了合適的歌唱技巧。唱歌的其他好處包括鍛鍊橫隔膜和刺激流通,因為你在唱歌期間吸入的氧氣量大於做其他運動,有些人甚至相信唱歌可以增加 帶氧運動的能力和耐力。

  • 唱歌改善你的站立姿勢:站直是唱歌時應有的姿勢,所以漸漸地良好的站立姿勢會成為一種習慣!當您的胸腔擴張、肩部和背部挺立時,就是改善姿勢的成果。

  • 唱歌有助於入睡:“每日郵報”中的健康文章專家指出,歌唱可以幫助訓練喉嚨肌肉,這能使你停止打鼾和避免患上睡眠窒息症。

知道了唱歌原來對身體有這麼多益處,還不快聯絡sing and you唱歌學校21461188或96981248(whatsapp)與我們專業的聲樂老師一起唱歌!

  • Singing enhance your immune system: According to the research conducted by the University of Frankfurt, singing strengthen your immune system. The study used choir members’ blood before and after one hour rehearsal. The researchers found out in most cases, the amount of proteins in the immune system that function as antibodies were evidently higher immediately after the rehearsal. The same situation were not appeared after the members listened to music.

  • Singing is an exercise: For the old people, disabled, and injured, singing is a good workout. Even you’re very healthy, your lungs can be strengthen because you use the singing skills to sing. Other health benefits of singing include a better diaphragm and stimulated circulation. That’s because you pull in way more oxygen while singing than other kinds of exercise, some people even think that singing can strengthen your aerobic capacity and stamina.

  • Singing improves your posture: Standing up straight is the right posture to sing, as time goes by, the right singing posture will become a habit! Since your chest cavity expands and your shoulders and back align, you can improve your posture.

  • Singing enhance you sleeping quality: According to a health article in Daily Mail Online, experts think that singing can help people strengthen their throat muscles, which helps stop snoring and prevent sleep apnea.

After getting to know the physical benefit of singing, contact sing and you 21461188 or 96981248(whatsapp). Come join our big family.


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