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Benefits of Singing 唱歌的好處

  1. Singing strengthens the immune system 唱歌的好處唱歌可以增強免疫系統

  2. Singing is a workout 唱歌是一種鍛煉

  3. Singing improves your posture 唱歌會改善您的姿勢

  4. Singing helps with sleep 唱歌對睡眠有幫助

  5. Singing is a natural anti-depressant 唱歌是一種天然的抗抑鬱藥

  6. Singing lowers stress levels 降低壓力水平

  7. Singing improves mental alertness 唱歌會提高心理警覺性

  8. Singing can widen your circle of friends 唱歌可以擴大您的朋友圈

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