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Body System for Singing #1 唱歌時所需的身體結構 #1

Body System for Singing #1


Singing is the most personal instrument, because it is the only instrument in the human body, but it is also the most difficult to control.

Vocals are the only instruments we build while learning to play. Built by sound, muscle reinforcement and stretching are required, and vocal building also includes increased vital lung capacity, giving us the fuel we need to make sound. In the process, learning to sing a part of it is also complicated, because we need to coordinate the muscles in many parts of the body, accompanied by air and resonance. Therefore, singing requires a high coordination of human body.

Breathing System

When we inhale, air enters the lungs through the mouth or nose. The muscles of the ribs, abdomen and back can be increased or decreased by shrinking and releasing to reduce the size of the chest or lung area. As the volume of the chest/lung increases, the pressure in the lungs decreases. As the volume of the chest/lung decreases, the pressure in the lungs increases. This is important because it directly affects how the air interacts with the vocal cords to produce sound, also known as vocalization.

Sound Making System

The system consists of a vocal folds and the air generated by lung pressure, which is called “Source of sound”. When the vocal folds are blown apart by the flowing air, they vibrate and produce sound. The system also includes laryngeal muscles that directly affect the length, thickness, proximity, and degree of vocal cord vibration of the vocal cords, affecting pitch, volume, consistency, the vocal timbre and the register.

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Book A Trial / 預約試堂 : / Whatsapp 9698-1248


let's get ready for singing!

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