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學唱歌的常識 common sense of singing

1. 懂唱歌技巧不代表唱得好聽


2. 擴寬音域不應是你學唱歌唯一的目標


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1. Knowing the technical skills of singing do not mean that you can sing well

When we are talking about the use of sound, it means how the body organs work, what kind of sound will be created by our behaviour. It’s doesn’t mean you can sing well. It’s subjective to say if someone’s singing well. There’s no standard. Some people may like rough voice, but others may hate it.

2. Widen your vocal range should not be your only goal

Most people who love singing want their voices to be higher and higher. However, once we know how to coordinate the sound, our vocal range would be wider. The purpose of widen the vocal range is to let us focus on the expression of the song and communicate with the audience, instead of the singing techniques so don’t care about it too much.

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