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學唱歌的常識2 common sense of singing

1. 爆發力不等於大叫

大家聽到爆發力就以為等於用盡全力,才能夠爆開。但是其實爆發的前提是要先能封起聲音,再將它往外擴張,才會產生爆開的效果。唱歌時,吐氣的肌肉像是咬下去的動作,然後用力將空氣推往聲門 (內肋間肌和腹肌開始收縮;內肋間肌收縮使肋骨往下移,而腹肌收縮也使肋骨往下移、壓迫腹腔內臟,迫使橫膈膜往上凸,而使得胸腔體積縮到最小、肺內壓力增至最大,體內的二氧化碳才能大量呼出)

2. 感性的情緒鋪陳需要理性的邏輯


3. 聲音的特色比技巧更重要

聲音有特色可令人記得你是誰。作為一個歌手,最需要的就是被記住,尤其是新人。完美地發聲所唱出的音色是最沒有特色的。話雖如此,但是完美地發聲卻可以令歌手在舞台上表現得更駕輕就熟。因此要平衡聲音特色和技術並不容易。你要有一個專業的老師指導,來sing and you 21461188 or 96981248(whatsapp)吧!

1. explosiveness doesn’t mean shout out loud

When we see the words explosiveness, the first thing we would think about is to use all the power to sing. But in fact we have to block something up first before blasting it out.When we’re singing, exhaled muscles like you’re biting, push the air to the glottis (intercostal muscles and abdominal muscles began to shrink; intercostal muscle contraction to make the ribs down, and Abdominal muscle contraction also makes the ribs move down, oppression of the abdominal viscera, forcing the diaphragm upward convex, and makes the chest volume to a minimum, the maximum pressure in the lungs, the body of carbon dioxide to a large number of exhaled)

2. emotion is as important as rational thinking

To clearly describe a story while singing. You often need a clear causal relationship to let the audience feel it. Many people think that emotion is the only thing you need while singing, but do not forget, "emotion" is only a part of singing, lay out is also important. the meaning of lay out is sort out the emotions you want to express with a rational way.

3. The uniqueness of the voice is more important than technique

People remember your voice not your singing skills . As a singer, your mission is to be remembered, especially when you are a new singer. If you sound perfect like a singing machine then you’re nothing special. However, if a singer master singing techniques would be a help for her/his performance so it’s hard to make a balance between them. Contact sing and you 21461188 or 96981248(whatsapp). We offer the most professional advice to the beginner.


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