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唱歌應有的態度—自信 Confidence In Singing




如果你對唱歌仍然抱有任何疑問,我建議你去上聲樂課程,聽從專業聲樂導師的意見,這方法比你自己盲目緊張,迷失還要有效。總括而言,歌手練習唱歌時也應該同時鍛鍊自己的信心,才能掌握自信這個唱歌很重要的態度。Sing and You教授唱歌技巧,有興趣了解詳情,請致電查詢:Sing and You +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp)

Singing is not just about vocal techniques and skills, playing the mental game well also paves way to a successful performance. Confidence is a paramount component in your psychological game and singers often lose their confidence due to the fear of denial. So, how can we overcome this mental barrier?

First, singers should understand the wants of audience. Audience usually want to relax themselves and fully enjoy a performance. In order to fulfill their expectations, singers should sing in tune and choose the suitable song to perform. Performers won’t be rejected once they had the qualities that make others like them.

Another way to overcome fear of rejection is to understand the reason of it. People deny things for a reason. Before performance, you can ask for feedbacks from people you trust. If you were given positive feedbacks, most likely your performance is wonderful and rejection may just come from people who dislike you in the first place.

If you still have any uncertainties regarding singing, you can take a vocal lesson and get answers from professionals. Getting vocal advice from vocal coaches is always better than worrying without directions. All in all, confidence is an important manner in singing and building up confidence should always be the core part of vocal trainings.sing and you provide comprehensive tutorial. For further enquires, please contact Sing and You +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp).


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