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Dr. Steve enables students to master singing skills in a short time! 校長能讓學生在短時間內掌握唱歌技巧!

Dr. Steve enables students to master singing skills in a short time! 校長能讓學生在短時間內掌握唱歌技巧!

學唱歌 - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by SAYMusic Kaitlyn - 跟Vocal Coach Steve Learn Singing

Australia Kaitlyn's mammy: Thank you so much for making her happy to learn, and she kept telling me that you praised her many times today. I can see that you are a good teacher, and since she is happy in learning, she can learn something from you. She is so happy, so nervous that leep remembering me to ask you. But I like it and hope that one day she can really sing it. Thank you so much for sending me this video, even though it is such a short one, I can tell she enjoys so much to learn with you, thank for very much for being her teacher! Thank you so much for your professional opinion and explanation, you teach her so well and make her like singing much more, that’s awesome! Should I praise a student who sings well and praise a teacher who teaches well? Thank you so much Dr. Steve! I’m so happy to hear that you will teach me some advance skills, and I will do my very best! It’s awesome! Thank you so much and thanks for being her teacher and I really can see her progress, you are a great teacher, we received your message while we were having lunch, you made our day! In fact, she pays many efforts to learn singing with you. I have never seen her take the initiative to practice singing from the previous teachers before. Also, I didn't expect she would be willing to challenge the difficulty and listen to you/follow you teaching. She would ask me to keep cooking snow pear sweet soup for daily drinking, as well as monk fruit soup for the two days of class, and eat some rice before the class. She felt that learning singing in the previous years seemed to be a waste of time and money. I don’t know if the teachers taught without heart, or just want to protect her vocals. To be honest, if I don’t tell you, can you know she has been learning singing for four years? Australia Kaitlyn媽咪: 多謝你Dr Steve, Kaitlyn同我講呢兩堂佢學得好開心,雖然仲係唱得吾好聽。真心多謝你令到佢學得開心,佢不停咁同我講你今日讚咗佢好多次。我睇得出你係一個好老師,而既然佢學得開心,又可以喺你身上學到嘢。佢直頭超開心啦,好緊張咁叫我記住問你。但我鍾意,希望有朝一日佢真正可以唱到咁。非常感謝您發送給我這段視頻,儘管它很短,我可以告訴她與您一起學習非常愉快,非常感謝您成為她的老師! 非常感謝您的專業意見和解釋,您教得很好,讓她喜歡唱歌,真是太棒了!我應該讚個學生唱得好定讚個老師教得好呢?非常感謝Dr. Steve! 得知您會教她一些高級技能,我感到非常高興,我會盡我所能! 這很棒! 非常感謝您,感謝您成為她的老師,我真的可以看到她的進步,您是一位了不起的老師,我們在吃午飯時收到了您的信息,您讓我們度過了美好的一天!事實上佢真係好比心機跟你學唱歌,以前跟咗幾個老師,我從未見佢主動練歌,從未咁想向難度挑戰,亦估唔到佢咁聽你話,叫我keep住㷛雪梨水平日飮,要上堂嗰兩日就㷛羅漢果,上堂之前仲要食小小白飯。佢自己都覺得之前學咗幾年唱歌都似乎係浪費時間同金錢,唔知係D老師hea 住教,定真係為咗保護佢把聲而就住教,to be honest, 如果我冇話你知,你睇唔睇得出佢已經學咗成四年唱歌呢? Parent Testimonials 家長心聲: Watch SAYMusic other music videos: Subscribe Sing and You youtube channel: Book a CLASS: WhatsApp us : +852-9698-1248 ( wechat: singandyoumusic Watch Celine and Steve (Celine's Father) Vlog, MVs and Vocal Coaching Videos Watch More Other Kids Singing Videos Book Steve Tam Online Class WhatsApp us : +852-9698-1248 wechat:singandyoumusic #HaveYourselfaMerryLittleChristmas #onlinesinginglesson #onlinevocallesson #howtosingbetter #singandyou #freevocaltraining #vocaltrainingforbeginner #學唱歌 #聲樂課 #stevetam #celinetamfather #celinetam #線上學唱歌 #vocalcoach #saymusic #parenttestimonials #家長心聲


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