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強化練習 From Exercise to Excel


(4) 強化練習

當歌手成功在聲樂練習中唱出較難的部分,便可以嘗試配合著音樂唱歌,看看再跟著旋律的時候能否成功唱出。如果你已經過一段時間練習但也沒有改善,你最好找一個可靠的聲樂導師幫助你:2146-1188/ 9698-1248

Here is the fourth of the 6 tips to singing a piece that is really, really hard!

Step 4: From Exercise to Excel

Step 4: Alternate between singing the exercise and singing the song to consolidate the necessary singing skills. As you practise, you should find the challenging part increasing manageable. If you find that the exercises do not help you, you probably need a vocal coach to help you. Arrange a free trial singing lesson: 2146-1188/ 9698-1248


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