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多少的聲樂練習量才足夠?How much vocal exercise is enough?

很多學生都會問到每天究竟要多少時間來進行熱身運動。整個開聲課程包含胸聲、頭聲和混合聲。先是開胸聲和頭聲,再試試把兩種聲線混合在一齊唱就好。就初學者而言,整個過程只要十分鐘至十五分鐘開聲就好了,不宜過多。適當的開聲運動便可應付當日的聲樂課程。過多的暖身運動只會令到肌肉勞損。肌肉?!聲帶亦是肌肉的一種。 因此,不能過度使用聲帶。

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Many students have asked how long they should do their vocal warm-up. A full vocal warm-up exercise covers the chest voice, head voice and mixed voice. One way you may attempt your vocal warm up is to start with your chest and head voice first, then mixing them up. Don't spend more than 10 minutes doing your vocal warm-up without a vocal coach's guidance if you are a beginner - because you don't want to overwork your muscle. Yes, vocal cord IS muscle. Therefore, we should not overwork it. go find Sing and You via +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp).

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