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Get Paid To Sing 唱歌能夠賺錢

Get Paid To Sing


We need great courage in pursuing our dreams. No matter whether you hope to become a football player, a byzantine or a musician, no matter whether you are endowed or not, under a materialistic society, everyone judges your success by how much you can earn. Achieving success is hard, sustaining success is even harder. But the simple truth is, no great success is ever achieved without failure.

As long as you love singing, there is always a way out. You can choose to be a cover singer, interpreting different classical and hit songs with your unique style. You may also take part in bands and become the lead singer. Or, you can also be a singer-songwriter. On one hand, creating songs with unmatched lyrics or composing music for other singers. On the other end of the spectrum, you can deduce your works on your own.

JJ Lin, a Singaporean singer, who performs excellently in his music career. One of his masterpieces “Adolescent” makes his fans remarkable. The lyrics, “It’s not hard to have dreams, dash along with me; it’s not hard to live alone, use music to accompany you” suits us a lot to take it as our motol. It reminds us to strike hard and be a dreamcatcher!

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WhatsApp us : +852-9698-1248


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