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Give your dream of singing everything you have got! #2

Give your dream of singing everything you have got! #2 盡你所能給予你的唱歌夢想你的所有!#2 Music is never going to go away, same goes to singing. You can try to hide it away for sometime, but it will never leave you alone. So you might as well give it everything you’ve got. If not, you’ll never be able to live with yourself. Keep the following point in mind and you will be able to push yourself towards your music dream!

2. Inspire People, Leave a Legacy You wanted to give people your singing record that would live on to inspire them. You had not spent all these years learning vocal just to discard your singing dream. If you died without making a record that you were proud of, you would leave this Earth unfulfilled — and was hat was unacceptable to you. You knew you had to do it for your own dignity or you couldn’t live with myself. And that, was the motivation.

Remember this, music is never going to go away. Once a singer, always a singer. At a certain point it becomes a duty to yourself and others to not hide your gifts away. So give in everything you can and sing as much as you want!

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2. 啟發他人,留下可傳承的音樂 你想給後世留下你的唱歌記錄去啟發他們。你這些年來花費在學習聲樂上的時間不是為了放棄你的歌唱夢想。如果你沒有做出令自己驕傲的錄音就離開了,你會讓地球不完滿 - 這是你不可接受的。為了你自己的尊嚴,你必需這樣做,否則你會無法忍受。這,就是鼓勵的力量。 記著,音樂永遠都不會消失。一天是歌手,永遠都是歌手。將來某一刻你會發現你對自己和別人都有責任不要把你的天賦藏起來。所以,盡你所能並盡情享受歌唱的樂趣!

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