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好的歌曲總能打動人心 Good Songs Always Leave A Mark

為什麼些歌曲能夠受大眾歡迎甚至即使過了多年仍聽到人在哼唱? 答案很簡單—共鳴。 當然歌手的唱功是不容置疑的,然而歌詞與旋律亦是成功的關鍵。如Beyond的《海闊天空》,歌詞帶給了人們要積極向上的生活態度、堅持自己的理想、永不放棄的信念。這首歌在93年播出,到現在的孩童仍知道這首歌曲。這足以證明這歌確實激勵整整一代人。

若大家希望可以唱出與他人產生共鳴的歌曲,不妨到以下網址遊覽 或是打電話21461188查詢有關課程

Why there are songs never be faded out? It’s all about making memorable and impressive performances. Melodies and rhythms are the keys to a successful song. Songs spreading positive messages and motivating people often can be passed from generation to generation. Come and visit or contact 21461188 for enquiries or trial lessons. You can be the next superstar who impress others.


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