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合唱的有趣現象 A Cute Phenomenon in Group Singing

很多人接觸唱歌都是由合唱開始。你知道合唱的時侯,歌手們不單會聲線統一,連心跳也會同步? 研究顯示,唱歌就像在指揮人呼吸一樣,由於歌手會在歌曲中同一位置呼吸,合唱的人通常會有一致的心跳呢!

除了私人聲樂班和各類兒童唱歌班外,Sing and You還有合唱歌唱課程呢!快來致電查詢吧!2146-1188 / 9698-1248 (Whatsapp)

SAY 合唱團 逢週六 早上11時至下午12時半

Many children start to learn to sing in a choir setting. Do you know that when people sing together, not only will their voices harmonize but their heart beats also will synchronise? Studies have shown that in group singing, people are guided to sing and breath at the same time, and hence their heart will beat as one!

Apart from group singing and private singing classes, Sing and You also offers a Choir singing course. Contact us today to book a trial lesson! Tel: 2146-1188/ 9698-1248


Every Saturday 11am-12:30pm


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