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爲什麽合唱能增進友誼?Why Group Singing Brings People Together?


再者,唱歌能釋放安多酚,一種能增强信任及聯係的荷爾蒙。因此,小朋友在合唱時都能保持放鬆,享受課堂。快來Sing and You學習唱歌并認識更多新朋友吧!預約試堂:Sing and You +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp)

You may notice that people singing in the same group usually become best friends, but why?

First, music is always a tool of social living. It helps to connect people from all around the world. Group singing focuses on the cooperation between members and mutual harmony can be easily developed.

Moreover, singing releases endorphins, a hormone which enhances the feeling of trust and connection. Thus, singing in groups can help to find companions and get rid of depression. Come and have a group singing lesson at Sing and You. Sing and You +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp)


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