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Happy Father's day from Hilary!Hilary:父親節快樂!

Happy Father's day from Hilary!Hilary:父親節快樂!

Happy Father's day!

To all the super dads,

Thank you for the love and support you have given to us all these years! Sometimes you get very tired once you can finally rest on the couch after a whole day of work,we may get upset as we can't spend time with you. As we grow up, we understand that every clothing we are wearing,every brilliant extra-curricular activity we have and every snack we enjoy are rewards of your hard work. You take your rewards in exchange for our happiness. Thank you so much for sacrificing a ton mentally and physically to support our growth and our family. When we look back at the precious time we spent with you on a trip or in a park, we treasure it and put it deep in our hearts. Even though you might miss out on some of our growth journeys, we wouldn't blame you and we would share as much with you as much as possible on the dinner table to keep you all posted, You're surprised when you realized we're no longer a clingy toddler, time has passed by like a lightening, your sacrifices have given us all the materialistic things we need,you are one of the greatest figure in the world together mommy. We so wish you can spend more time with us because quality time with you is the sweetest. Let's try to fill that happy memory jar !

To celebrate father's day, Dr Steve and Hilary Presents You a Sweet Song ,You Raise Me Up!


感謝您這些年來對我們的愛和支持!有時候,當你工作了一整天后終於可以在沙發上休息時,你會很累,我們可能會因為不能和你共度時光而心煩意亂。隨著我們的成長,我們明白我們穿的每一件衣服,我們享受的每一個精彩的課外活動,我們享用的每一份零食都是您辛勤工作的回報。你拿你的獎勵來換取我們的幸福。非常感謝您在精神上和身體上犧牲了很多來支持我們的成長和我們的家庭。當我們回首與您一起旅行或在公園度過的寶貴時光時,我們珍惜它並將其深深銘記於心。即使您可能會錯過我們的一些成長旅程,我們也不會責怪您,我們會在餐桌上盡可能多地與您分享,讓你更了解我們 。當您意識到我們時不再是一個粘人的蹣跚學步的孩子時,您感到驚訝,時間像閃電一樣過去,你的犧牲給了我們所有我們需要的物質,你和媽媽一樣是世界上最偉大的人物之一。我們非常希望您能花更多的時間與我們在一起,因為與您在一起的美好時光是最甜蜜的。讓我們試著填滿那個快樂的記憶罐吧!

為慶祝父親節!Dr Steve和Hilary呈顯甜蜜的 You Raise Me Up!


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