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遇到難度高的歌曲怎樣做呢?Singing a Song That’s Really Hard


跟平時練習一樣,你一定首先要有充分的發聲練習。發聲幫助我們抓著正確發聲方法,減少聲帶受傷的機會。網上雖然有很多不同的發聲練習,但如果你從來或很久沒有學唱歌,你最好找一個專業的聲樂導師幫助你,Sing and You 在這方面能幫助你。查詢:2146-1188/ 9698-1248


1)找到樂曲中具挑戰性的位置 2) 尋找練習的方法

3) 透過練習去嘗試樂曲中較難的部分 4) 強化練習 5) 不要太早便嘗試轉換樂曲風格 6) 不要一開始就降低對自己的要求

No matter how skilled we are at singing, there are always going to be songs that a bit too hard or challenging at our different stages of learning. How should we go about at them?

As with every practice or rehearsal, it is important that you have warmed up your voice thoroughly before you sing a song. Warm-up is even more important when you are attempting at a difficult piece. The better you’ve warmed up, the less likely that you will damage your voice. If you haven't taken vocal lessons for some time, it's best that you seek advice from a professional vocal coach. Our vocal coach team at Sing and You are definitely able to help you: 2146-1188/ 9698-1248.

Now if you are fully warmed up, here are six tips for you when you attempt at a really hard song! 1)Define the challenge

2) Look for a direction for practice

3) Attempting at the challenge through practice

4) Elevating the difficulty of the practice

5) Do not give up on the song style too early

6) Do not set a low bar right from the start


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