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Hot Singing Competition Picks by Steve Tam - Get Champions or Any Awards EASILY

Hot Singing Competition by Principal Steve - Get Champions or Any Awards with Our Training Experience

Great Opportunity to Win the Championship, Second and Third Place, Sing and You Gives Out $1000 Gift to All Contestants

Two Discounts are:

1. $380 cash coupon:, Prepare for the Competition

2. $800 cash coupon: Join Principal's Music Video 6 Sessions course OR His First Lesson

Gift Value OVER $1000!


Whatapps: 852- 96048548

Competition registration fee + $150 Sing & You Administration Fee

Deadline for registration: No (Call)

What You GET if Join Contest with US

1. Select songs with higher scores in the competition for students

2. Coupons to takes lessons for Best Preparation

3. Keep Contact and Follow up with Contests for Best Results with Principal Steve's 30 Years Contest Experience #hkkids #hkboys #hkgirls #hkmoms #hkparents #hongkongmoms #onlinesinginglesson #agtauditons #學唱歌 #線上學唱歌 #小朋友學唱歌 #香港學唱歌 #唱歌比賽 #香港唱歌老師 #譚芷昀 #vocalcoach #Shallow #celinetam

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