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How Music Helps Us Be More Creative?

How Music Helps Us Be More Creative?


In the contemporary society, no matter in the field of businesses or scientific investigations, creative thinking is incomparably important. Research indicates that listening to cheerful and light-hearted music affects humans’ ingenuity positively.

Talking about stimulating humans’ creativity by music, we have to mention the “Mozart Effect Theory”. Mozart was a prolific and influential composer in the classical era, musics like “Sonata for two pianos in D major” is able to boost our imagination and inferential capability. Many of the parents choose Mozart’s music for prenatal education use because they hope to reinforce their child’s intelligence quotient, brain activity and cogitation agility.

Apart from this, listening to cheerful songs is efficient in fostering imagination like a pegasus. As positive and happy music allow our brain to release Dopamine, which is a substance that makes us delighted, it fosters us in exciting extraordinary ideas.

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除此之外,聆聽一些歡快的歌曲也有效促進天馬行空的想象力。一些正向及快樂的音樂能夠激發我們特殊的想法,因爲快樂的音樂會令我們釋放多巴胺」(「多巴胺」是一種會令我們增進創意的物質,使我們變得愉悅 )。

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