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如何使唱歌更進一步 How to improve singing



3.只要你夠自信,就可以嘗試演唱一首無伴奏的音樂,並上傳視頻到YouTube、優酷等網站。不要小看自己,支持你的人數很可能超出你的想像。想知道更多唱歌知識?打來sing and you 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp)。

1. Set a clear goal for yourself like participating in a singing contest. If you sing less than three months and without formal training. It must be hard for you to join a competition but there’s telling if this is your final goal, right?

2. If you want to develop your own skills, you need a good teacher. Vocal coach can give you a instant feedback, as well as tips and tricks you need. They will help you to set a timetable as well to help you achieve your goal. Hence, if you long to be a professional singer, you must hire a vocal coach.

3. As long as you are confident, you can sing a song without background music and upload the video to YouTube or Youku. The numbers of people who support you might beyond your imagination.

For more singing tips, contact sing and you 21461188 or 96981248(whatsapp).


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