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June 11- Making Life Beautiful Day

你的生活美好嗎? 這個節日的設立是為了感謝那些為他人創造美好生活的人! 可能他們是我們的老師、同學和家人。又可能是素未謀面的陌生人。又有可能我們無意之中使他人過得更美好,而我們自己不知道呢!

Is your life beautiful? This festival was created to thank those who create a better life for others! May they be our teachers, classmates and family. Or maybe it's a stranger you've never met. It's also possible that we unintentionally make other people's lives better!

CELINE TANG gets the GOLDEN BUZZER with her STRONG VOCALS! | World's Got Talent 2019 巅峰之夜

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