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Learn Singing 學唱歌 - KEEP IT UP & Never Give Up

Learn Singing 學唱歌 - KEEP IT UP & Never Give Up

SAYMusic Vianna Try Everything by Shakira

***Steve Daily Sharing: If you want to achieve your target, first you have to take action to TRY EVERYTHING, tell yourself never GIVE UP. Keep trying no matter making mistakes. Learn from mistakes. Hope a song recorded by one of our Singapore Students Vianna can remind and motivate you always KEEP IT UP & Never Give Up.

如果您想實現自己的目標,那麼首先您必須採取行動嘗試一切,告訴自己永遠不要放棄。 不斷嘗試,無論犯錯誤。 從錯誤中學習。 希望我們的一名新加坡學生Vianna錄製的一首歌能夠提醒和激勵您,時刻保持Keep It Up and Never Give Up 精神。

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