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Tips on Learning through Singing 從唱歌中學習的小貼士

Singing is beneficial only if you learn it in a right way. Here are some tips for learning through singing.

  1. Pick a style or singer you like. Things you like or interested in help to motivate you learn more efficiently and actively.

  2. Search from all aspects. Do not limit your searching place from youtube only. There are many different music platforms and websites on the internet. Explore more to find the style you really like.

  3. Do not expect quick success. Learning is an ongoing process. It is impossible to grasp all techniques and knowledge in a short period of time. Be patient and keep going.

  4. Sing with families or friends. Having partners to learn together add extra joy to the process.

Sing and You provide different singing classes for you and your child. Come and learn through singing with our vocal coaches. Book a trial at 2146-1188 or whatsapp 9698-1248 for more enquires.






Sing and You提供不同的唱歌課程給你和你的小朋友,來跟我們的專業聲樂導師學習唱歌吧!查詢或預約試堂可致電2146-1188或whatsapp9698-1248。


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