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音樂與學習--Music and Learning

藝術與學習之間有一定程度的聯繫,研究顯示唱歌有助提升學習表現。音樂促進右腦發展而語言就促進左腦發展。唱歌時正正能包含這兩種要素,提升孩子的腦部發展,繼而促進孩子的學習能力。唱歌對孩子是非常重要的,快讓孩子到Sing and You學習唱歌吧!Sing and You 唱歌學校 +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp)

There must be some sort of linkage between art and academic. Study proves that singing can boost academic performance. Music enhances right brain activity while languages enhances our left brain. Learning lyrics through music can definitely benefit our whole brain and foster academic performance. Therefore, music is of paramount importance to children. Let your child to learn singing at Sing and You now! Enquiry: 2146-1188


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