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如何打造一把的流行歌聲? How to develop a pop voice?

打造一把流行唱歌聲線的最好方法就是唱着你喜歡的歌, 錄下來然後仔細聽。你唱歌的聲音在你自己和他人面前聽起來是不同的,但兩種版本你都要仔細聽,然後找出需要改善的地方,記住盡量調大背景音樂的聲音,否則一不小心原唱者的聲音就會遮蓋你的錯處。仔細聽錄音,然後將歌唱得不理想的地方練習到流暢為止,你喜歡唱什麼都可以——流行音樂從來沒有對錯之分。


練習可以幫你擴闊你的音域,而這是需要一番努力的亦需要正確的技巧。sing and you內的專業歌唱老師能幫助你擴闊音域範圍,請來電查詢: Sing and you +853 21461188/ 96981248 (whatsapp)

The most effective way to develop a pop voice is to sing your own favourite song, record it and play back. Your singing voice always sound different to others than to yourself, and it’s recommended to listen to both. Try to listen to your own recording carefully and think about how to sing better. It may help to turn up the volume to the maximum. Remember to sing the whole song repeatedly until there are no mistakes.

You can sing whatever you like so long as the song is within your singing range. How would you know your range? Your range is a group of notes that you can sing easily without going out of tune. People with a wide singing range can sing both high and low notes, like Marvin Gaye who can sing 3 octaves. If you have a narrow singing range, try Joe Strummer's pieces. No matter how wide your singing range you is, you can sing pop music of you know the correct singing techniques.

Practice makes perfect. However, you also need some professional vocal coaching. Call Sing and you +853 21461188/ 96981248 (whatsapp).


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