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Prepare for your best audition: Singer's Checklist #1

Prepare for your best audition: Singer's Checklist #1


"Auditioning", every successful, experienced singer may love this word. However, some of them will be nervous for the first time audition. You will pass your fear if you have the right amount of preparation, and lead to be more manageable.

Let’s talk about the different components that can make you have a great audition.

No one likes to rush, so you should get everything ready at the night before, including your clothes, music, water bottle, snack, change of clothes, directions to the audition etc. To assess what you have and what you might need so you can plan accordingly. You don’t want any last minute surprises in the morning. Being late is a big mistake for an audition. So let’s make sure that doesn't happen.

Your appearance is the first impression of the music auditioning directors. You should have professional clothing, remember, this is a job interview. No ripped clothing, no heels you can't walk in, no hair falling into your face, no suggestive clothing, and definitely no costumes. No stage makeup necessary, but you can certainly enhance your features and impression with makeup.

Your choice of singing material is your second impression, so carefully consider what song to sing. Double check the audition break down for what the auditioners are looking for. Are they asking for a classic musical theater song or pop song? And how much do they want to hear? It’s never a good idea to let the auditors be your very first audience with new material, so practice performing the song in front of an audience: your vocal coach, your parents or your friends.

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你選擇的歌唱材料是你的第二印象,所以你需要仔細考慮唱什麼歌。請仔細檢查和分析試鏡的內容。他們要求經典的音樂劇歌曲? 還是流行歌曲?他們想聽多少?請不要讓音樂監製成為您的第一批聆聽你的新歌的觀眾,因此你需要在觀眾面前練習演唱這首歌:您的聲樂教練,您的父母或您的朋友。

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