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如何成為一個專業歌手 how to become a professional singer






如果你要求一個誠實的意見,相信大多數人的評語都是有建設性的。所以不要害怕問。有時最嚴厲的批評能令你進步最多。所以快打來sing and you唱歌學校21461188或96981248(whatsapp)與我們專業的聲樂老師一起唱歌。

Get your singing reviewed

If you are not getting auditions or gigs, ask yourself why? Ask other people why and is there any room for improvement. You shouldn’t expect to become successful immediately. At least I wasn’t. But the more you learn, the faster you’ll success.

Some criticisms may be harsh for you but if you don’t swallow it, you’ll never succeed.

Singing isn’t easy. You shouldn’t care everyone. Ignore the people who attack you. They are just jealous you are good.

If you want to become a professional singer, you should pay attention to the review of other singers, musicians and agents.

If you get a rejection, ask why? If you get a chance to work with an experienced band, ask them what you could improve on your singing. Maybe there’s only a small problem you’re not aware of until someone tell you.

If you ask for an review, I believe most people will give a constructive review so don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes the harshest criticisms are the strongest lessons to you.Call sing and you 21461188 or 96981248(whatsapp) to get a professional singing teacher.


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