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男生在轉聲期能學習聲樂嗎? Can Boys Learn Singing at Puberty?


你孩子喜歡音樂嗎?最直接去讓他們愛上音樂的活動就是歌唱!只要找到好老師學唱歌,每個孩子都能好像校長Steve Tam 學生 譚芷昀成為小巨肺!如果你對唱歌有疑問,不如約一堂聲樂班,讓聲樂導師幫你解決唱歌上的問題吧!歡迎來電查詢: Sing and You +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp).

At puberty, the boys start to have a change in their voice, can they learn singing at that period? In the voice-changing period, vocal cords can be easily fatigued. Learning singing is still possible, but students must rest more and drink more water. Otherwise, vocal cords can be easily damaged and voice may be hurt as well.

Do you children love music? One of most direct ways to nurture their interest in music is teaching them to sing! Every kid can excel in singing like Steve's student Celine Tam provided the right vocal coaching by an excellent vocal coach. Come to Steve and his vocal coach team for a trial session! Call Sing and You +852 21461188 or Whatsapp us 96981248.


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