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問:我還在上學但我的夢想是成為一個歌星,怎樣才可以見到音樂製作人,簽到一份合約還有變得有名呢?Q: I want to be a singing star and I'm still in s

答:請記住,音樂事業中包括兩個部分:音樂性和商業性。你要積極在校內校外尋找每一個唱歌的機會。 如果你的學校合唱團只唱古典音樂而你又想唱搖滾的話,都照樣先加入。 你可以從當中學習到一些唱歌技巧,提升你音樂的觸覺。 如果你負擔不起私人唱歌課程,就買一套聲樂技巧課程每天看吧。 多數唱片公司都希望他們的藝人在簽約前學懂聲樂上的技巧。

同時,要了解一門音樂事業如何運作。 無相關知識的人很少會被唱片公司相中簽歌手合約,但最後他們創作的版權版稅卻會被奪去。找sing and you 唱歌學校 +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp),我們能將你培訓成一位歌手。

A: Remember. Music business divided into two parts- music and business. Grasp every chance you have no matter in school or out there. If your school choir only teach classical music but you want to sing rock,still join it anyway as you can learn some voice skills and strengthen your musicianship in there. If you can't afford one on one singing class then buy a vocal skill course and watch it everyday. Most company would want their singers to learn singing skills before they sign them. At the same time, Go find how the music business works. Clueless people barely get signed but signing away all their rights and royalties. sing and you +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp) can always give the help you need.


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