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問:我覺得自己是一個音痴,還有救嗎?Q: I think I'm tone deaf. Can people really learn to sing on key?





4)如果你根本不知道你是不是唱對音,就錄音再播來聽。如果您依然聽不出就要找一個唱歌老師了。而sing and you 唱歌學校 +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp)的聲樂老師絕對能幫到你。

A: I've coached over thousands of students and there’re only two students who really can’t match a note after my lessons. Trust me, virtually everyone can sing after taking my class. Most students only need to connect their ear-brain-vocal cord. Try the following steps: 1) Find a note that close to your speaking range on a piano. If you don't know, make a guess. Trying not to find avoid a too high or low notes. 2) Play a note and replay on your mind. Don't sing it out loud, sing it on your mind. 3) Hum the note. You can feel notes resonate in your ears. Many students hit the note low and then they are able to slide up to the right note. If you can hear yourself, keep doing it. 4) If you don’t know if you’re singing the right note, record it. If you still can’t tell then come sing and you +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp). Our singing teacher can give you a help.


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