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為什麼唱歌要掌握良好的發聲技巧? Why we need good vocalization skills for singing

答:掌握發聲技巧對於唱歌非常重要,因為它可以為我們的聲音創造新的可能性,同時幫助我們擴大聲域,使我們唱高音、控制聲音和表達情感方面都有所進步。 具備唱歌技巧也會令我們更愛唱歌,無論我們多大! 只要跟從正確的聲樂指導,任何人都能擁有一把動聽的聲音。 如果一位好歌手要富有感情地唱出一首歌,就需要正確的聲樂指導才能發揮出好的技巧。 你知道我和芷昀花了多少時間才打造出今天的聲音嗎?

Dr. Steve: Mastering the skills of vocalization is vital to singing because it creates new possibilities for our singing voice, expanding our vocal range and improving our execution of high notes, voice control and emotional expressions in our singing. Good singing techniques also help us love singing more, regardless of our age! Anyone can sing with a beautiful voice given the right vocal coaching. A good singer must develop good vocalization skills in order to sing sing expressively, and it requires vocal training. Do you know how much time Dr Steve and Celine Tam have spent on crafting their voice? Now make a guess!

Now do you want to improve your singing? Start receiving vocal training today! Sing and you can help you learn to sing. Don’t hesitate! Call Sing and You: 21461188 or WhatsApp us :96981248.


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