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Beginner‘s Guide for Singing Recording 入門技巧:如何錄製唱歌好聲音

Vocals, that’s all we record, and all our audience listen. Therefore we should hold it in high regard and turn it into a masterpiece that gathers all our knowledge, apparatus and skills. Luckily, everyone could improve their vocal quality through some basic techniques.

Firstly, choose an appropriate microphone. It is easy for us to search for a good but affordable microphone for home studio nowadays. There are hundreds of suitable microphone for you to choose from with just a few hundred dollars.

Fantastic vocal sound mostly comes from preventing minor problems, rather than using lots of complicated skills. Most likely, popping matters. Popping refers to forceful but low frequency sound produced when we sing or talk. Strong air blasts are expelled without our notice when we pronounce ‘P’ and ‘B’ sound and these air blasts are reflected in recording diagram as peaks, which may affect the vocal quality. Placing the microphone in an off-axis angle is the simplest way to prevent popping.

Though preventing minor common mistakes is the key to recording good vocals,however, it is also important for singers to be equipped with a solid foundation of singing techniques and skills. For any enquiries regarding singing skills, you are welcomed to contact us and make a reservation for the trial session of the group or individual singing class, taught by professional vocal coach. You may call Sing and You +852 21461188 or message us through WhatsApp 96981248.

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雖說錄製好聲音靠的是減低犯上些普遍錯誤,但也需要歌唱技巧和穩固的基本功配合。如對唱歌技巧有疑問或想了解更多聲樂上的知識,歡迎預約小組或個人歌唱班試堂。更多資訊請致電Sing and You +852 21461188 或 96981248 (Whatsapp)。

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