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共鳴的訓練 Resonance training

唱流行曲不需每個音都有共鳴。輕音和中音不太需要產生共鳴。 共鳴的原理是利用強而有力的氣將聲音提升到共鳴腔,令聲音有迴響。訓練時要將聲音盡量推後。最初練習時可能因某些肌肉不當地收緊,發出的聲音會比較生硬,經過不斷練習後便會慢慢改善。這訓練過程很可能需要老師的協助,好的老師應該可診斷那些肌肉應該收緊,那些不應該。單靠唱歌去練很難有顯著的進展,聲樂式的訓練需要以機械式的方法去訓練橫隔膜的力度。而練習共鳴也需要老師近距離示範原音發聲。好的老師能令學員於短期內掌握呼吸和發聲的秘訣而能自己正確地緞練。當然,這要視乎學員的領悟力、練習的時間、根基和決心等因素。想知道更多?來sing and you唱歌學校21461188或96981248(whatsapp)。

Singing pop song doesn’t need resonance in every single note. Light and midrange don’t need resonance. The principle of resonance is the use of strong atmosphere to enhance the sound to the resonance cavity, so that the sound echoed. When you’re training, try to push the sound as far as possible. At first, some of the muscles may be improperly tightened, the sound may be more blunt, but after continuous practice. It will be improved. This training process require a singing coach and good teachers should be able to diagnose what muscles should be tightened.

It is difficult to make significant progress by singing alone. Vocal training requires a mechanical approach to train those diaphragm. Practicing resonance need the teacher to show you how to do it. Good teacher can help the students make a progress in the short term. Of course, this depends on the student's talent, practice time, foundation and determination as well. If you want to know more, call sing and you 21461188 or 96981248(whatsapp).


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