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如何練習飆高音 Rules on Practising Belting


1. 不要練習太長,否則容易傷聲!

2. 多喝水,保持聲帶滋潤

3. 不要著急,緊張會適得其反

4. 不過分用力,不過分大聲

5. 保持身體放鬆

6. 減少在聲帶施壓

7. 用小腹的力量

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When we practice belting, there are a few rules that we should take note of:

  1. Practice often but not too long It’s important to practice often and not to lose your muscle memory. But you don’t want to practice too long at one time either – 20 minutes is about right. Practising too much may strain your voice because belting is actually very demanding.

  2. Drink lots of water Drink water to keep your vocal cord lubricated and flexible.

  3. Be patient Understand that results take time to come into fruition. Don't panic when you are not able to belt a certain note on a bad day. Be patient, focus on the technique and keep practising.

  4. Don’t sing too loud Belting requires power that travels through a distance - but it doesn't mean loud. So don't be loud. It only make your vocal cords more prone to injuries.

  5. Keep your body relaxed Your body is your instrument. Keep your entire body relaxed so that it can make adjustments easily when you hit those high notes.

  6. Avoid tension The more tension you put on your body, the least likely you can belt correctly.

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