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SAYMusic Welcome New TEACHER Hannah歌唱教練 • vocal coach

TEACHER Hannah 歌唱教練 • vocal coach Hannah 老師致力於透過唱歌來培養下一代,以專業並有趣的歌唱方式來教授古典歌唱技巧[Bel canto] 和現代歌唱技巧,幫助學員培養音樂造詣,專業歌唱技巧和培養樂趣;藉此建立學員的自我價值和信心。 - 女高音

- 精通古典歌唱 [Bel Canto] 美聲唱法及流行歌唱風格的聲樂老師

- 英國皇家音樂學院聲樂八級 (優異)

- 英國皇家音樂學院音樂理論科五級

- 香港國際音樂學院高級文憑

- 經常被邀於婚禮、音樂咖啡館、音樂活動,歌唱錄音,及曾於大小型公開表演場合唱歌表演有10 年以上經驗。

- 能有效地以有趣的教學方式來增進學員的歌唱能力,舞台表演技巧和自我信心

- 能以流利的英語、粵語和普通話教學 Hannah committed to cultivating the next generation through singing, teaching classical singing [Bei Canto] and modern singing skills in a professional and fun way to help students develop musical attainments, singing techniques and self confidence. - Soprano

-Vocal teacher proficient in both classical singing style [Bel Canto] and Pop singing style.

- ABRSM Performance Grade 8 in Singing [Distinction]

- ABRSM Performance Grade Grade 5 in Music theory

- High Diploma level in [HKIIM] Hong Kong International Institute of Music

- Often invited to weddings, music cafes, music events, singing and recording, and has more than 10 years of experience in singing performances in large and small public performances.

Can effectively use interesting teaching methods to enhance students' singing ability, stage performance skills and self-confidence.

- Sufficient in teaching fluently in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Book Vocal Coach a Trial Class

WhatsApp us : +852-96048548


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