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高叫真的對比賽有利嗎 ? Is shouting out loud means singing good?




所謂的賣弄技巧只是技巧不足。感情的表達是建基於技巧上,那些人留言叫人唱歌時用多一些感情,不要只顧技巧,其實是錯的 。參賽者就是正正因為技巧不足而做不出感情。

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This is true, because that sudden outbreak will make people feel energetic. This kind of power will shock the judges, if they’re emotional, it’s possible that they’ll give you a higher score. That’s why so many of the so-called "competition song" contains some High pitch. If it is a sad song, relatively there’re less of this kind of touching point to score.

Do not say others only got techniques, but no feelings

It’s not that easy to sing with rich emotion. You must have the skills to do so. I often hear someone criticize others singing without feelings, just show off their skills, in fact, it’s totally wrong!

Selling skills are simply just "lack of skills", or we can say “do not have enough skills”. Emotional expression is based on the singing skills, those commenting singers sing with more feelings is wrong. In fact, the contestant is unable to do so because of lack of skill.For more singing tips, contact sing and you 21461188 or 96981248(whatsapp).


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