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Siginals of Fatigued voice #1

Siginals of Fatigued voice #1


Your voice is the only singing instrument that is inside the human body. So your instrument is the entire body, not only the larynx. Everything from body alignment, respiratory system, the larynx, vocal tract, also the brain are involved in this high level singing coordination!

So how do we know if the voice is fatigued? Or what can we do to prevent vocal fatigue?

5 General Signals of Vocal Fatigue

1.Lick your lips frequently

Licking lips can be a sign of dehydration, it is related to the dryness at your vocal fold. So you need to make sure that you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. Also you need to control the drinks that may cause dehydration, such as alcohol and coffee.

2.Try to relieve the tension from your body

Tension in the face, neck and shoulders occurs because the extrinsic laryngeal muscles is wearing out. Try doing a few of stretches a day, including head, neck and full body.


Your body may sweats because of too much effort in tension. Voice use may link with physical activity (during or after exercise). It has been proven to require additional laryngeal effort and closure forces. You need to take more time to catch your breath and relax before practicing, otherwise you may feel your voice getting tired more quickly.


It is about the breathe in daily life. When you have a small quantity of air in their lungs, then there can be a tendency to crunch over, and cause over driving/constricting from the abdomen to push the little amount of air that is available. Take time to have deeply breathe and be aware of contraction and release of your abdominal muscles.

5.Excessive Throat Clearing or Hoarseness

It may occur when you have overuse or misuse of the voice, or in an attempt to clear mucus. Swallowing can help you to reset and clear the voice (remove mucus) and stretch the muscles. Another suggestion is to wheeze as you exhale and then quickly swallow. This can blow any lingering mucus from throat to mouth and then with a quick swallow be cleared from your vocal tract. Try to avoid coughing as it can become a bad habit, especially after recovering from sickness. Coughing gets your vocal folds to aggressively that can cause more fatigue and possible hoarseness.

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Siginals of Fatigued voice #1


你的聲音是人體內唯一的唱歌樂器。 所以你的儀器是整個身體,而不僅僅是喉部。 身體對齊,呼吸系統,喉,聲道,以及大腦的一切都參與了這種高水平的歌唱協調!

那麼我們怎麼知道聲音是否疲憊? 我們又可以做些什麼來預防聲帶疲勞?












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