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Singing Application: Classical to Pop Music #2

Singing Application: Classical to Pop Music #2

歌唱應用: 從經典音樂至流行音樂

Lift and “Widen” the Larynx

When you want to adjust to pop music, your throat needs stability to regain your high notes and relax the vocal cords, and the muscles of the throat and neck can help you "open" and "close" the throat.

Singing range

You can sing "Rama Lama Ding Dong", this is the singing secret of New York vocal coaches, which can increase the range of your pop music and any style of music, relieve tension on the vocal cords and increase your singing range.

Throat stability exercises are important, just like placing a partition of air between the vocal cords. In order for them to sound, they must now resist the approach of the air to produce sound, rather than pressing them hard to eliminate the sound. Breathing breath. This will make your muscles softer and tighter while expanding your muscles.

Stability Exercise: "ZZ"

Your pronunciation needs to be like a bee. Try sliding the sound up for a short period of time, then slide it down smoothly to keep the entire volume even. Then check your face in the mirror. Are you pulling your cheeks wide? Relax and try again.

Stability Exercise: Whisper

Take a phrase from any song and try whispering. Please be careful not to hold the upper abdominal muscles. When you are free to whisper, please increase the pitch and keep whispering. Place your finger in your throat to monitor if it stays in the pitch like SpongeBob. If not, please try again.

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歌唱應用: 從經典音樂至流行音樂

Singing Application: Classical to Pop Music




你可以唱出”Rama Lama Ding Dong”,這是紐約聲樂教練的秘訣,可以增加你的流行音樂和任何風格音樂的範圍, 可以緩解聲帶上的緊張,增加你的歌唱範圍。






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