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Singing can touch the people we love! 歌聲能夠感動我們所愛的人!

Singing can touch the people we love! 歌聲能夠感動我們所愛的人!

學唱歌 - 送上公公一份最寶貴的生日禮物 - 當你老了by SAYMusic Tiffany 跟AGT Celine's Vocal Coach Steve Learning Singing 學習唱歌

Tiffany Wong's Parent: Hi, Dr. Steve, grandfather was in tears with your MV, thank you again for the music and MV you made with your heart! I really cherish this opportunity to learn singing with you, because she has some classmate who is very envious, but their mommy is not willing to learn to sing because of the fee! We know that you are a talented teacher because she has learned singing with several teachers for several years, so she is able to compare!

Tiffany Wong父母: Hi Dr Steve, 你的MV感動到公公流泪了,再次感謝你用心做出來的音樂和MV! 佢好珍惜可以跟你學唱歌呢個機會,因為佢有D同學仔都話好羨慕,但媽咪唔捨得比咁多錢學唱歌!佢知道你係個有料又肯教人嘅老師,因為佢跟過幾個老師,學咗幾年唱歌,所以佢識得比較!

Parent Testimonials 家長心聲: Watch SAYMusic other music videos: Subscribe Sing and You youtube channel: Book a CLASS: WhatsApp us : +852-9698-1248 ( wechat: singandyoumusic Watch Celine and Steve (Celine's Father) Vlog, MVs and Vocal Coaching Videos Watch More Other Kids Singing Videos Book Steve Tam Online Class WhatsApp us : +852-9698-1248 wechat:singandyoumusic #當你老了 #onlinesinginglesson #onlinevocallesson #howtosingbetter #singandyou #freevocaltraining #vocaltrainingforbeginner #學唱歌 #聲樂課 #stevetam #celinetamfather #celinetam #線上學唱歌 #vocalcoach #saymusic #parenttestimonials #家長心聲


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