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Singing skills for girls

Singing skills for girls


Skill 1: 5 mins singing warm-up exercise for daily, such as hums.

You need to sing in a different pitch with melody.

It will easily help you to get ready to sing anytime.

You will feel your voice become stronger than before.

Skill 2. Relax when you are singing

Nervous will get your throat become tense up.

Just take a deep breath! Take 7 seconds breath and hold it. Then breath out another 7 seconds.

Also being prepared for singing! Singing to your friends and family. You will turn your nervous to be excited about singing anytime.

Skill 3. Breath support with singing

Good posture will give you more air.

Moreover, do more breath exercise, to help develop your voice to have a better pitch.

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技巧1:每天達成5分鐘的歌唱熱身運動, 哼歌是其中一個練習

你需要隨著歌曲旋律, 練習不同的音調。





深吸一口氣! 呼吸7秒,再呼出7秒。

另外, 您也需要有充足的歌唱準備! 唱給你的朋友和家人聽,能舒緩您緊張的心情。




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