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你有沒有因糾正聲樂技巧而令觀眾失望? Are You Disappointing Your Audience By Attempting At Better Singing Techniques?



刻意地展露技巧會令歌手聽起來不自然,反而如何令觀衆產生共鳴才是歌手需要考慮的一環。一個聰明的歌手會思考自己透過歌曲想表達什麽信息,再想想如何用技巧去加強信息的表達,但千萬不要讓技巧主導了你的演出。一個令人難忘的歌手往往不是靠歌唱技巧,而是他們打動人心的本領。唱歌老師能幫到你。歡迎來電查詢: Sing and you +853 21461188/ 96981248 (whatsapp)

It’s hard to believe that you can actually ruin your voice by trying to improve your singing techniques - it’s true though, when you also have forgotten what is singing really about.

As a performing singer, your number one job is to make your audience fall in love with you. Very few audience would love a singer just because of good singing techniques. More importantly, audience look for performances that convey meanings, feelings and emotions - performances that audience react to and resonate.

So don’t turn your performances into opportunities to show off your singing techniques Ironically, your audience would tend to appreciate performances done with poor singing techniques that emotionally engage them than performances done with impeccable singing techniques with no meaning conveyed.

Call Sing and you +853 21461188/ 96981248 (whatsapp).


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