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Stop being nervous while performing singing. #3

Stop being nervous while performing singing. #3

在表演唱歌時不要緊張 #3

4. Suspend the audience to deal with the concept of your communication

Temptations always exist and want to speed up your performance in order to complete it. Not only do you feel like a runaway train, but your audience may feel that you don't want to perform for them. Spend a few minutes in the entire performance, scan the show venue and show a smile. =

5. Empathy

Of course, we all share the same feelings with those who carry public speeches. We all understand their tensions and we panic when the performers feel uneasy. We are happy when the performers provide us with a connection space. Remember, people want to participate in your performance journey.

It sounds simple, easy, and effective, and can change the way we look at things. Usually it means looking at things in their true way, not what we think they will be. Public performance is a great way to show yourself and your voice. Embrace nerves and energy, and believe in empathy that will make everything work smoothly.

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Stop being nervous while performing singing. #3

四. 暫停讓聽眾處理您正在通信的概念


五. 同理心



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