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如何減壓?Reducing Stress in Singing



  • 看治療師或是尋找一名值得信用的朋友。如果一個人把負面情緒都收藏心中,恐怕會得抑鬱症吧!把心中不快說出來,相信會讓心情輕鬆愉快得多。

  • 看脊椎治療師。按摩師?是的,脊醫。脊椎治療師是處理肌肉骨骼系統的專家。他們可以將你的身體重新調整到適當的狀態,讓你煥然一新!

  • 按摩。這是讓你的大腦關閉和你的肌肉放鬆更放鬆。可以揀選十分受歌手歡迎的肌筋膜按摩。這是一個按摩,專門針對的背部、頸部、下巴和面部肌肉。

  • 針灸。針灸是將針刺入戰略或痛苦地區的壓力點的做法,以減輕疼痛,讓你的身體恢復到適當的健康。

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Stress can affect our singing. How do we go about reduce our stress? Here are 4 practical ways to reduce your stress today!

  1. See a therapist or have a chat with a trusted friend. Don’t ever attempt to hide your feelings – it’s bad for your health, both physically and mentally. Let your heart out and chat with someone you trust, or someone with the professional knowledge to help you get rid of some stress.

  2. See a chiropractor. A good chiropractor can help relieve your physical stress by some professional treatment. When you body is aligned, so is your mind!

  3. Get a facial massage, or just a massage. Let your body and mind relax. Ask your therapist to do some more work on your back, neck and jaw to help you sing freely without muscle tension.

  4. Try acupuncture. It’s great old Chinese wisdom that helps your “qi” (air) move around your body, relieving tense muscles and restoring your physical health. Some acupunctural points are especially helpful for alleviating singing stress.

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