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唱歌前記得開聲!Remember to Warm Up Before You Sing!



如果練得累了,可以聽聽好的歌手唱歌,讓你對好的唱歌方法有更深印象。不坊多聽校長Steve 及小巨肺譚芷昀的錄音,耳濡目染下對你唱歌也有莫大好處!

如果你不是我們的唱歌學生,但對唱歌有疑問,歡迎你來約一堂唱歌班,讓星級導師 Steve 及其他聲樂導師幫你解決唱歌上的問題吧!歡迎來電查詢: Sing and You +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp)

Our beloved singers! Have your practised singing together? Remember to warm up your voice properly before you sing!

Warming up is of paramount importance to singers. If you think you are professional and you don’t need any warm up routine, you are hundred percent wrong. All singers need to warm up and the warm up routine depends on what song you are going to sing. If you have a long performing time, remember to warm up more before you start.

If you are tired from singing, take a break and listen to good singers' recordings. We highly recommend you to listen to Steve and Celine Tam's YouTube recordings which are great learning resource for all singers.

Do you children love singing? Every kid can excel in singing like Steve's student Celine Tam provided the right vocal coaching by an excellent vocal coach. Come to Steve and his vocal coach team for a trial session! Call Sing and You +852 21461188 or Whatsapp us 96981248.


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