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11 Keys to Brilliant Singing Voice (1) 11個唱歌好聲音的關鍵(1)

What should we do if we love singing but got a bad voice? There are certainly things to improve your singing voice. Here are the tips:

  1. Being in control. To sing well, singers should maintain on pitch rather than singing too sharp or flat. Having a better vocal control makes you a better singer.

  2. Good singing tone, Singers should be aware of the overall sound of the voice. The better the overall impression, the better you sing.

  3. Clear enunciation. Singers should be able to deliver every single word and syllables of the song. The delivery of lyrics counts a lot in the audience’s perspective.

  4. Solid support. A strong and convincing voice makes the overall performance better. With good posture, right breathing techniques and regular practices makes a beautiful singing voice.

  5. Suitable volume. Each piece of music deliver different message and thus the singing volume level varies. Singers should be able to sing at the right volume which best suits the song.

  6. Consistency. Singing good for a few notes is never enough, singers should have a consistent volume, tone, pitching, support and style to sound good.

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如果我喜歡唱歌,但沒有好的唱歌聲音,那怎麼辦呢? 以下的方法絕對有助改善你的聲線,鍛鍊唱歌好聲音。








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