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唱歌必做面部熱身 6 Must-Do Singing Face Warm Up





唱歌熱身運動只是學唱歌很基本的一環,但是要唱歌唱得好,更重要的是掌握唱歌技巧,上小組唱歌班或單對單聲樂班能幫助你。想提高唱歌技巧,或對唱歌有疑問?不如約一堂唱歌班,讓聲樂導師幫你解決唱歌上的問題吧!歡迎來電查詢: Sing and You +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp)

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Our facial muscles play an active role when we sing. So if you want to sing better, make sure they are thoroughly warmed up!

How to sing with a relaxed face? Simply try pulling your chin muscles backward very gently with both hands, then let them relax. Repeat this for 10 times. If you have trouble understanding this exercise, imagine having someone pull your hair at your back.

While vocal warm-up ensure that you sing safely, it requires vocal techniques in order to sing better. Are you finding it hard to improve your singing? What you need is a group singing class or a private singing lesson to train your voice properly! If you are looking for professional vocal coaching, we encourage you to come to us for trial session and let our vocal coach help you sing better in no time ! Call Sing and You +852 21461188 or whatsapp us 96981248.

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