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What a singer to Eat & Drink ?

What a singer to Eat & Drink ?


Singer is just like a athlete. Athlete will not eat too much before a competition. Singer cannot do it also. You may not understand that why you can’t eat too much, It’s because a full stomach inhibits the movement of the diaphragm-you'll have difficulty taking in full breaths and you'll be prone to burping. Don’t eat too much and don’t starve yourself. Either--singing is hard work, you need fuel. A normal meal an hour or two (two is better) before a singing session works best. If you need to eat between sets go for non-bulky, easy to digest food. Before a show I like eggs--high protein, low density.

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歌手就像運動員,運動員在比賽前不會吃太多食物,唱歌的你也不應該。你可能不理解為甚麼不能吃太多,因為胃部充滿食物會抑制膈肌的活動 - 你很難呼吸和容易打嗝。不要吃得太飽,也不要餓壞自己,唱歌是艱苦的工作,你需要食物去補充能量。在歌唱前一小時或兩小時正常用餐(兩次更好)是最有效的。如果你需要在期間吃東西,那麼可以選擇不笨重,易消化的食物。在演出前,吃雞蛋是個很好的選擇 - 蛋白質含量高,密度低。


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